Discover How You Can Create a Successful Business, get more Clients and Increase your Sales and Profits FAST, using the latest Online Marketing and Social Media tools, in two Transformational days with Global Experts! 

Find out the Most Powerful Ways to Create a Profitable Business



International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Business Mentor, Co-Founder & CEO of Wealth Dragons PLC



International Speaker, Personal Branding, Personal Development & Entrepreneurship Coach, Founder of AwakenSpace Ltd



John Lee is coming back to Cyprus to reveal the most Powerful Marketing Strategies that bring results today. Together with Pavlina Papalouka he will show you how to get More Leads, make More Sales, and generate More Profit so that you can Build a Profitable Business or take your existing business to the Next Level... Without spending a fortune on advertising!

Why I organize the Entrepreneur Bootcamp

I’m genuinely passionate about helping people overcome their limitations, unlock their true potential and create a lifestyle and business they desire. 

My journey as an Entrepreneur has not been easy. Starting my business from scratch in Cyprus at a young age, I had to overcome many challenges.  

My MBA and lots of other Diplomas I gathered from colleges and Universities, had taught me nothing about starting and running a real-life business. I felt lonely and unsupported whatever doors I knocked. So in 2007, I sought help and mentoring from real-life global experts outside Cyprus… and I realised all the missing pieces started falling together.  

In 2011 after seeing the results in my life and business, I decided to bring these globally recognised speakers and mentors to Cyprus and create seminars to help people improve their life and business and at the same time build a supportive network of like minded people who invest in their personal growth and understand the importance of it.  

I would love to welcome you into our growing network of amazing Entrepreneurs who are driving change in the market and help you create the lifestyle and business you want!  

Pavlina Papalouka

Founder of AwakenSpace Media & Education 


There are 3 main distinctions that make Entrepreneur Bootcamp different from any other marketing event or business seminar in Cyprus.  

1. Our speakers are real-life entrepreneurs and proven experts at what they teach 

We don’t invite college professors or other theorists who have never run a business in their life to share with you their ideas and concepts. Instead, we bring on stage successful entrepreneurs with 10+ experience and proven results in business, marketing, and branding.  

So be sure that all the information you will learn is tested and proven to work. In other words, it’s ready to take action on! 

John Lee has spent millions of pounds testing online marketing strategies and tactics that work for his multiple businesses. I’ve been investing thousands of euro on social media advertising to fill my sold-out events for the past six years. And we are going to share what we’ve learnt with you in 2 days.  

2. We teach only the latest information  

The technology is developing so fast that what used to work in business 5, 3 and even 1 year ago is often obsolete today. The traditional ways of branding your company, promoting your products and services, and getting leads are completely outdated. Even the information we were teaching at the previous Entrepreneur Bootcamps in 2015 and 2016 is not fully up-to-date, which is another reason why you need to come to the 2017 event.  

Keeping up with the latest trends in sales and marketing is crucial for our business, and we’ve been investing a lot of time and money to learn and test what actually works in 2017. This is not something you can find on the Internet. This information is so valuable and powerful that it can help you build a profitable business from scratch or grow your existing business globally.  

And at the bootcamp, we will share this information with you. We will teach you the most effective strategies, tactics, and tools of 2017. Because you need to market your business in the year you live in.  

3. You will be able to implement what you’ve learnt right after the event  

It’s not about the information you will learn at the event but the action you will take on it. That’s why we aim at teaching you the business practices, strategies, and tactics that you will be able to implement the very same day you leave the seminar room.

Remember, you don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great.  


During the two transformational days, you will learn from the world-class experts, real-time successful entrepreneurs:  

  • How to increase your sales and profits using the latest online tools. 
  • How to transform any idea into a profitable business.  
  • How to market your business online using the latest social media marketing strategies.
  • How to use the power of the internet to generate more leads and sales.
  • What are the upcoming trends for business success.
  • How to build a powerful personal brand, stand out from the competition and position yourself as an authority in your niche.
  • How to systemise your business to create more time and freedom.
  • How to create a lifestyle business that you can run from anywhere in the world.
  • How to build a profitable business starting from scratch. 
  • How to become a leader in your industry.
  • How to develop the mindset of a High Achiever that will help you create the success you desire.
  • What are the most fatal mistakes in business.  

Plus much more...  


Entrepreneur Bootcamp is a perfect place to be to learn the latest business strategies and tools and network with like-minded entrepreneurs for all the small and medium business owners and marketing executives. 

EXCEPT for those who expect that the information they will learn at the event will be the “magic pill” that will help them immediately solve all their business problems.  

Attending the Entrepreneur Bootcamp is a great first step for those who dream about starting their own business and those who have a business and want to take it to the next level. 

But NOT for those who want to get rich quick. There is no such thing as get rich quick. It just doesn’t exist. Even the smartest, latest and most advanced strategies can’t guarantee you overnight success. Their implementation requires hard work, consistency, and patience.  


Main Speaker JOHN LEE The Wealth Dragons 'One of the world's top Online Marketers and Entrepreneur Mentors.' John Lee is the co-founder and CEO of Wealth Dragons Group PLC. He is also the founder of Wealth Dragons Online, which is set to become one of the largest E-learning platforms for business entrepreneurs across the globe. He started investing in property in his early 20s. By the time he was 27, John had achieved his goal of becoming a self-made millionaire. John is the author of the best selling book the Wealth Dragon Way. He is one of the youngest British-born Chinese entrepreneurs to be taking a company to a public offering and has helped thousands of business owners across the globe grow their businesses. Having gained millions of followers on social media, he was soon invited to speak all around the world on the topics of property investment, digital marketing, business growth, and entrepreneurship. His mission now is to revolutionise the education system to share his knowledge with others. He subsequently gained an international reputation as a world class speaker and has shared stages with Bill Clinton, Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, Jack Welch (ex-CEO of GE), and Randi Zuckerberg. John has been featured in Sunday Times, Huffington Post, Channel News Asia, Fortune Magazine, Edge, The BBC, The Wall Street Journal, and was awarded man of the year in 2017 by Global Women Magazine. John’s success came despite a humble start in life. He was born to Chinese parents who ran a takeaway restaurant in the north of England. All of John’s achievements came as the result of endless hard work and unwavering tenacity. John is dedicated to showing others how they have the opportunity to do the same and is continually inspired by watching his students achieve the kind of success they thought they could only ever dream of.

Guest Speaker  

PAVLINA PAPALOUKA AwakenSpace Media & Education  

‘An inspirational speaker and global branding expert with deep knowledge and recognised results'  

Pavlina Papalouka is the Founder of AwakenSpace Media & Education, a company dedicated to helping people unlock their true potential. She is also a personal branding expert, personal development coach, online branding consultant and international speaker. Her passion is helping people overcome their limitations, unlock their true potential and create the lifestyle and business they desire.  

She has shared stage and cooperated on live events with some of the world's leading authorities in personal development and entrepreneurship, including Dr. John Demartini, Bob Proctor, Bill Walsh, John Lee of Wealth Dragons and many more. She speaks regularly at the international conferences and seminars in Cyprus, UK, Malaysia, and Singapore.  

She is a popular video blogger and social media influencer and regularly appears and guest blogs in local and international media like Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, Entrepreneur Insights video series, Wealth Dragons Online (Launching globally fourth quarter 2017). Her work has a global recognition, and in 2017 she has been nominated as Best Personal Development Blogger at the international Best You Awards in London.  

Prior to starting her education company, she worked many years in the Media in key Public Relations management positions, ran her own Public Relations agency and taught PR and Media to university students. She also holds an MBA and a Journalism Diploma.  

Her company AwakenSpace Media & Education presents Seminars, Events, Online Courses, Coaching, Consulting and Video Productions, in Personal Development, Motivation, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing, and Entrepreneurship with internationally recognised speakers and authors who are world-class experts with proven results in what they teach.  


Andri Panayiotou  

Managing Director & CEO of Sentosa Natural Health Center  

John Lee is extremely inspirational. He has inspired me how to go to the next level in my work.

Russell Flick  

Public Speaker, Author, Communal Property Expert & Serial Entrepreneur  

I've been at three Entrepreeur Bootcamps so far. I’m very grateful for attending my first bootcamp as it started me on the journey of taking my very traditional business using very traditional marketing practices and tactics, into the future and making sure that not only I compete, but excel in my industry.n the journey of taking my very traditional business using very traditional marketing practices and tactics, into the future and making sure that not only I compete, but excel in my industry.

Viola Edward  

Author, Psychotherapist, Speaker, Founder of Feminine Capital Forum, Breathwork Trainer, Colour & Image Coach.  

I don't miss any Entrepreneur Bootcamp, and each time I come, I bring some of my clients with me. Thank you Pavlina and John for organizing such an amazing event in Cyprus for the prices that people here can afford to pay. I attend similar seminars abroad and I know that they cost at least 10 times more in other countries.

Irene Elia  

Lawyer at Elia & Elia Law Firm  

I would recommend everybody who is either in business or tries to start a new business to attend the Entrepreneur Bootcamp. I’m sure it will give you a lot of valuable information that will help you grow your business. 

Konstantinos Shiakallis  

Owner & Managing Director of Kivotos Luxury Lifestyle  

The Entrepreneur Bootcamp gives us an opportunity to learn from John Lee what he has created over 10 last years in his business in just a couple of days. He has taught us how to take our business forward, how to improve our relations with the people we work with, get inspired and generally just take everything to another level.

<---------- More testimonials in the video 



Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th November 2017


Hilton Park Nicosia

Achaion 1, Egkomi, Nicosia 2413, Cyprus

Saturday, November 11:

9am-10am: Registration

10am-6pm: Entrepreneur Bootcamp sessions with John Lee and Pavlina Papalouka

Between the sessions: coffee breaks + networking  

Sunday, November 12:

9am-10am: Registration  

10am-6pm: Entrepreneur Bootcamp sessions with John Lee and Pavlina Papalouka  

Between the sessions: coffee breaks + networking  



Normally Tickets Cost €297 +vat 



(Normally €197)

  • 2 Day Seminar, Full Weekend Participation 
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Networking Opportunities



(Normally €297 +vat)

  • 2 Day Seminar, Full Weekend Participation 
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Networking Opportunities
  • **BONUS** free buffet lunch on both days for all ticket bookings until Wednesday, October 11  



(Normally €697 +vat)

  • 2 Day Seminar, Full Weekend Participation
  • Coffee Breaks 
  • Networking Opportunities 
  • Lunch at Hilton Park Buffet on Both Days
  • Front Row Seating
  • VIP Name Tags
  • Private Q&A with John Lee in a small group
  • Signed copy of "The Wealth Dragon Way" book



If you’ve got questions before you register, or you’d prefer to book your ticket over the phone, just call us on 70008087 (Cyprus)

If you are still doubting whether this event can be valuable for you and hesitating to reserve your spot, I completely understand you. For the past 7 years we’ve been organising events and speaking with people about attending our seminars. And we noticed that there are 3 major reasons stopping them from making that important decision that can change their life and business forever.  

(Actually, many of those who had been reluctant to attend the previous Entrepreneur Bootcamps but eventually bought their ticket were thanking my team for convincing them to come to the event.)  

So here are the 3 main reasons delaying or even preventing people from booking their spot:

1. They can’t afford to buy a ticket  

The small amount you will spend to attend the Entrepreneur Bootcamp is not a cost, but an investment. It’s an investment in your education, which in return can help you build the desired lifestyle and achieve financial freedom.  

The powerful business strategies and tactics that John and I are going to share with you at the bootcamp can help you make additional tens and even hundreds of thousands of euro in sales through Internet and social media. Of course on condition that you implement them properly.  

If you still think that the price of the ticket is too high, consider one thing. To attend a similar 2-day seminar with John Lee abroad, you would need to pay from €400 to €2,000 depending on the market.  

Thanks to our partners and sponsors, we manage to keep the ticket prices as low as possible barely covering our expenses to put up an event at a 4-star hotel with multiple coffee breaks. Our early bird tickets start from just €147, and the earlier you book, the less you pay.  

2. They think they don’t have time  

We know that time is your most precious asset, and spending it away from your business can cost a missed opportunity. 

That’s why we organise our events in the weekend, when you can fully devote your time and energy to getting valuable education that can take your life and business to the next level.  

On the other hand, working on a business requires endless hours, and often weekend is the only opportunity for you to relax, get away from town or spend time with your family and friends. This all surely matters. But think about one thing: there are 52 weekends in 2017. If you invest one of them in your education, you will still have 51 to have fun and be with your loved ones.  

And if you take immediate action on the powerful information John and I are going to share at the bootcamp, you will eventually have much more time and money to enjoy your life.  

3. They aren’t sure if this event is for them  

If you are making more than enough money, having enough clients and running a global multi-million-dollar business, our event might not be for you. Otherwise grab the opportunity to spend the entire weekend with the global experts in online marketing to learn how can you get unlimited leads, sales, and clients using social media.  



Normally Tickets Cost €297 + vat 


Be Part of The #1 Business Event in Cyprus!


Entrepreneur Bootcamp 2017 partnershsips offer a valuable opportunity to showcase your brand and gain targeted exposure to hundreds of entrepreneurs, marketing executives, small and medium business owners, solopreneurs, bloggers, and digital marketing professionals, and other potential customers.


What is the duration of the event? The event will start Saturday, November 11th at 9.00 am until 6.30 pm and Sunday, November 12th 9.00 am to 6.30 pm. There will be 2 coffee breaks per day and a lunch break which are included in your ticket. We also do Q&A sessions at the end, so you might want to arrange more free time after 6.30 in case we finish the Q&A later.  

How long will the ticket price of €157 Euro be available? Until the sponsored tickets sell out which could be any day. Its safest to book your ticket today to not miss out on the offer!

How can this event help me? If you are looking to start a business and have many ideas, this event will give you tools and strategies to turn your idea into a profitable business. If you are already running a business, this event will give you tools to increase your clients, sales, and profits and take your business to the next level. It will also help you build systems in your business so that you have more time and financial freedom to create the lifestyle you want. 

I don't have my own business yet. Can this event be useful to me? Yes, this event will give you tools, ideas, and inspiration to make a change in your life and turn your passion into a successful business. 

I am interested for personal coaching and business consulting with the speakers. How do I find out more? E-mail us with your inquiry and what you are looking to achieve at and we will get back to you. Our speakers have limited time for coaching and only take a few selected people into their coaching programs.  

Can I book a ticket for one day only? (Saturday or Sunday) We have made a few 1-day tickets available at €117 for either Saturday or Sunday. We strongly advise to take advantage of the full weekend though as this is designed as a 2-day training and you will miss part of the valuable info. Call us at 70008087 to book your one day ticket.

  I have already attended a previous Entrepreneur Bootcamp. Will the new event be beneficial for me? 

Yes, every time we put up a new event with new exclusive content. The technology these days is changing so fast that the business and marketing strategies that worked just a few months ago become obsolete and ineffective. That's why our purpose is to keep you updated with the most efficient strategies, tactics, and tools that work in business right now. What is more, Entrepreneur Bootcamp is the biggest business event in Cyprus, which makes it an ideal place for networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, managers, and investors.

Are there any Special Rates for Accomodation at Hilton Park for the seminar participants? How do I book the hotel?  

Yes, the hotel is offering Special Accomodation Rates for the event dates November 11th and 12th. You may call the hotel directly to book at: +357 22 695111.  

I have further questions. Who do I contact? You can call us at 70008087 or e-mail: We are here to serve you and help you improve your life! 



Book a Sponsored Ticket at €157 (Including Buffet Lunch Both Days) for Limited time. Normally tickets cost €297 +vat

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Privacy Policy: We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe

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Privacy Policy: We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe